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Vertical Wood Blinds
  • Vertical Wood Blinds
  • Vertical Wood Blinds

Traditional Vertical Wood Blinds

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Traditional Vertical Wood Blinds

Our premium vertical wood blinds are one of the finest vertical wood blind window coverings on the market for large windows and patio doors. Each beautiful wood vane displays the look of one continuous piece of wood, unlike vertical wood blinds with visible finger joints. Our vertical wood blinds are manufactured in way designed to withstand bowing, warping, and maintain strength. Eco-friendly water-based finishes are applied to bring out the warmth and natural beauty of the wood. UV top coats are applied to protect the finish from scratches, fading, and moisture.


  • 100% solid wood
  • Two styles of wood verticals S.Curve or Flat
  • 17 UV protected non-toxic environmental friendly finishes
  • Self aligning track with a 10 year warranty
  • No charge valance options, and multiple upgrade valance/cornice options
  • Matching 1″, 2″, & 2-1/2″ horizontal wood blinds and wood cornices


  • Center split, right or left draw
  • Wand or chain Tilt
  • Inside Mount or outside mount
  • Dust cover
  • Cut-outs
  • Distressing
  • Fire resistant coating

Color Options

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Valance Options

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