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Six Reasons Blinds For Sliding Doors Are Great

The look of horizontal wood blinds is one that is hard to match.  There are many solutions for sliding patio door blinds, including vertical blinds, sliding panels, roll-up blinds, among others.  However, when the rest of your house is done with horizontal wood blinds, it is nice to be able to match that look across your sliding doors.  Glider Blinds has developed the patented Glider Blind Track System to solve this exact problem.  Here are six reasons that horizontal Read More...

Why Glider Blinds Track System?

Horizontal Wood Blind Track System for Sliding Doors September 19, 2013 Over my 30+ years in the window covering industry the trends have changed and improved. Wood blinds are a popular choice among today’s homeowner market. Customers with sliding glass patio doors want the latest, most versatile and attractive wood blinds. The Glider Track System is a new innovation, which enhances wood blinds for the home. Wood blinds: they are heavy to pick up for a sliding glass door – and when Read More...